iPoster - High Bright  (P4 | 640x1920 mm)

iPoster - High Bright (P4 | 640x1920 mm)

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By placing the online order you will not be asked for any payment nor will you be binded to purchase. Once the request is completed, you will be contacted by our sales representative who will give you more information and will send you the final offer (which you can refuse). You can also directly contact us by e-mail.

This is a P4 indoor totem so thin and light to be almost a digital poster (35mm)... and we are talking about a 2 meter high plug & play product, practically impossible not to be seen.

The very high resolution allows you to play both video and images with a detail never seen before.

Weighing only 35 kg, the totem can stand upright with its integrated stand or it can be hung (horizontally or vertically) directly on the wall without any special structure.
The frontal access simplify any technical assistance and maintenance.

The high bright screen (>6,000 Nit) makes the images perfectly clear even if the shop windows is in full direct sunlight.

The standard color is black, other colors are optional.

3 years warranty.
Designed and built entirely in Italy.

We can manufacture customized screens for shops of any size: if you have specific needs please contact us for a price quotation.