RGB Pharmacy Cross (80cm | P16)

RGB Pharmacy Cross (80cm | P16)

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By placing the online order you will not be asked for any payment nor will you be binded to purchase. Once the request is completed, you will be contacted by our sales representative who will give you more information and will send you the final offer (which you can refuse). You can also directly contact us by e-mail.

A new generation programmable color LED cross with high efficiency and low consumption LEDs. Very high visibility even in full sunlight (> 6.000 Nit).

It allows colored animations, colored texts (fixed and scrolling) and colored graphic effects: that can be set directly by the pharmacist. The cross is 80x80 cm.

The powder coated external structure is black colored by default but that can be supplied in other colors with a price supplement (+100 euros).

3 years warranty.
Designed and built entirely in Italy.

We can manufacture customized led crosses of any size: if you have specific needs please contact us for a price quotation.